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I love you every day but today more than ever and tomorrow even more than today #LoveYourPetDay

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Had to pick up the January issue of Southern Living which features me and other “Extraordinary Pets Making the South a Better Place!” Thank you to @barnesandnoble for always giving us a warm welcome 💛 . . . #DogOfTheWeek #Dog #Dogs #GoldenRetriever #ServiceDog #DogTraining #Puppy #Cute #Cutest #Pet #PetOfTheWeek #TheDodo #Buzzfeed #9gag #GoldensOfInstagram #Valentine #WoofWoofTV #ABCNews

7 day ago
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See that rubber ducky? That’s the original, Henry. OG Henry is actually a piggy bank that dad got for mom many moons ago. It brightened her day just to look at it and when anyone would have spare change she would say, “Don’t forget to feed Henry.” A few years passed by and they were ready for a real pet. There weren’t many names up for consideration, one of the names was Koda, could you image that? 🤣 When mom and dad found out the name “Henry” meant ruler of the home it was settled. They remained open to the idea that the name might not fit but it was the perfect name, a human name, a Kings name. All of the money that OG Henry had collected over the years went towards puppy supplies for me. And that’s how I got the name, Henry. . . . . #DogOfTheWeek #Dog #Dogs #GoldenRetriever #ServiceDog #DogTraining #Puppy #Cute #Cutest #Pet #PetOfTheWeek #TheDodo #Buzzfeed #9gag #GoldensOfInstagram #Valentine #WoofWoofTV #ABCNews

9 day ago
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Mom said there was a snow bunny outside...(spoiler alert) it’s me. #ButIWantedARealBunny

14 day ago
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I know it can seem unfair to “tease” a dog but Henry would much prefer the treat in my back pocket to the ball that’s in front of him. We’ve run into multiple situations of a ball being tossed around by someone nearby, sometimes it’s a child trying to get Henry’s attention and sometimes it’s just a game going on as we walk by. It’s important to know that Henry isn’t going to suddenly break focus and bolt for a loose ball, causing a major disruption to everyone. I would’ve preferred he not be so transfixed on the ball that rolled away but next time I’m shopping and have another person that can help cause distractions we’ll work on it, though it’s not a big deal. We don’t do much training these days and I do miss it.

21 day ago
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Smol boi does big work, needs much naps. (4 hours at the salon gud fur naps)

24 day ago
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Will work for love (but also cheeseburgers)

25 day ago
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1/4 On December 21, 2019 my family and I went out to dinner, one of only three times I would see them within the year. Me and my seven family members, along with Henry, walked into the restaurant where we had made reservations. I walked to the hostess stand at which point the woman asked to see an identification card for my service dog, Henry. Behind her a man stood watch. I kindly told her, “I understand why you believe he needs ID but this is my medical alert/response service dog. Under the actual laws that cover service animals I am not required nor given any identification for my dog. I would be happy to show you the website that covers this and answer the questions required by law.” I pulled up the Americans with Disabilities Act page on my cellphone, scrolled to the page “Frequently Asked Questions about Service Animals and the ADA” showed her what information made sense in this case and said, “He is my service dog for a medical condition called POTS. He has both an alert and response to oncoming episodes.” As I got close to the woman to show her that this was in fact a government website she exclaimed, “Okay okay well, Im afraid of dogs and you need ID.” Henry stood by my side the entire time. I politely told her, “Okay well can I speak to your manager?” Low and behold the man standing behind her this whole time was the manager. He came up, arms crossed and said, “You need ID.” I proceeded to do the same song and dance he had just witnessed me do with the hostess, after which he told me “Im allergic to dogs.” Although I can respect someones allergies or fears, it is not a legal reason to deny service. This man would not be working in proximity to my dog nor would the hostess. The man told me he would go make a call and walked away. When he returned he said, “You must have ID.” I told him “I understand many people must come in here with their dogs and ID and its confusing but those IDs are not valid, I could purchase one online this moment if I wanted to. To deny me is illegal. He just lays under the table you won’t even know he’s there” His response? “Everything these days is illegal.” We left.

29 day ago
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Party. Animals.

33 day ago
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On this weeks episode of The Golden Days, Henry finds himself in the aisle of the dog store unable to decide between chicken or steak treats. Pinot struggles to stop destroying tennis balls before he has none left and Ramen goes on the hunt for the perfect stick. Will Henry be able to choose or will he be left broken hearted without any dinner? Can Pinot change his ways before the tennis balls run out? Does the perfect stick exist for Ramen?

34 day ago
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“With you, I’m invincible” This shirt and two other designs are now available! *Top does NOT come cropped* Sizes for both adult designs run large, I’m wearing a size small in photo. 🥰 Linked in our story

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