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❥ Two BFF Golden retrievers spreading happiness one photo at a time • ON Canada 🇨🇦 #lizzieandally
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Dreaming of Spring 😌🌼✨ . This time of the year is always hard for me. I get fed up with winter, the brutal cold (makes it hard to take outdoor pics without freezing yours hands off), the lack of colour outside, and I know we still have 2 more months of this before Spring arrives. To make things worse the algorithm has been horrible lately, hiding posts and lowering growth and engagement. I know it’s been bad for a lot of people and I’m probably not the worst off but it’s hard to stay motivated when things are down instead of up. And I also agree we shouldn’t really care about numbers and should focus on having fun. I’m trying to do just that. So please bear with me, I’m hoping to get a burst of motivation and creativity any day now 🙈❤️ BTW I really miss the WHP which was so good for giving us inspiration! Rant over, thanks for listening 😂 Now let’s have some fun!! 👊🏼

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Would you say this is the look of love or love of food? I think maybe a bit of both! ❤️😂 Lizzie and Ally are very food driven and will do almost anything for a treat. Is your dog food motivated?

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Oh hi 👀 Can we have some treats? 😋😋 #cantsayno #doggietotem

3 day ago
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Lizzie: Kiss me and I’ll let you in. Ally: OK! 😘👅 Happy Valentine’s Day! ❤️ . Join us and #StandUpToCancer to spread some love while raising awareness for SU2C’s cancer research! Snap a kissing pic and post it with #KissCancerGoodbye and tag @SU2C

5 day ago
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Baby polar bear Ally 😭🐻 #tbt #babybear Who can guess how old Ally was in this pic? There’s a clue in the photo 🤔

6 day ago
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I solemnly swear that I am up to no good ✋🏼 Just kidding I’m actually a good girl 😇 #goodestgirl #highfive

7 day ago
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When your bestie makes a great pillow 😌 Who wants to join our puppy pile? #thesnuggleisreal

8 day ago
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Saying no to Mondays ✋🏼🚫 Who’s in? Sign petition below 👇🏼 #saynotomondays

9 day ago
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Dressed for winter but ready for spring 🌸 39 days to go but who’s counting 😂 . Happy Sunday! If you haven’t seen my stories we’re in a deep freeze again today. The rest of the week looks much warmer thank dog ☀️

10 day ago
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Sneaking a kiss 😙❤️ Who wants a kiss from Ally? #loveisintheair . It’s really cold here today. I mean really, really cold. The kind of cold that makes it hard to breathe when you step outside! Sooo we’ll be spending the better part of the day indoors keeping warm. What are you guys up to?

11 day ago
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If there ever comes a day when we can’t be together keep me in your heart, I’ll stay there forever ❤️ - Winnie the Pooh Double tap to see the love between them! ❤️ #tbt #lizzieandally #jj_forum_2883

13 day ago
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Those eyes 😍 She can have anything she wants with this look and she knows it! #puppydogeyes #cantsayno

14 day ago

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