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Northern Spain has some really beautiful wild shores to offer. 🌊 . . Stay adventurous my friends.

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Built just by the sea in 1387 by the Counts of Villeneuve, the old military fort of La Napoule bears witness to a turbulent history: invasions, looting, wars and other revolutions. Halfruin, half bourgeois villa, it was bought in 1917 by Henry Clews, an American billionaire, painter and sculptor. Together with his wife Marie, they rebuilt the building from authentic remains, including the two towers and transformed it with its gardens into a dream and imaginary place. The maxim engraved on the pediment of the portal "once upon a time", announces the entrance into a fantastic world, where the art, humour and fantasy of its creators are written on the walls forever. . . . #visitcotedazur #skysupply

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Life is very much a balancing act, and we are always just a step away from a fall. We are constantly trying to move forward with our purpose, to achieve our goals, all the while trying to keep in balance the various elements of our lives.

2 day ago
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One of those golden sunsets you can’t miss. I literally stopped my car almost in the middle of the road to take this photo. 🀣 Would you do the same or too scared to stop ? Tell me in the comments. . . . #visitcotedazur #goldensunset

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Capturing the moments that matter. 🚁 . . . #fromwhereidrone #skysupply

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Perhaps the biggest attraction in Menton is its impressive old quarter. A dense network of very narrow streets and passages between tenement houses stretches across the entire slope and guarantees an unforgettable experience. Beyond every bend you will find stairs, narrow tunnels, and small entrance doors to apartments. . What do you think of this colorful shot ?? . . . #mentonfrance #visitcotedazur

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Shapes are part of a universal language. It’s a visual element that makes a striking impact across different visual media. Painters, sculptors, architects, and builders throughout history have used shapes to get their message across.

7 day ago
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Well arrived in France so here’s a photo from Mexico πŸ˜‚ There are so much places that I wasn’t be able to visit but I’ll be back one day to finish my bucket list. What’s your dream destination ?? 🌍 . . . #visitmexico #vive_mexico

9 day ago
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This day has finally arrived, my last day in Mexico City. After almost 6 years living here, it’s time to say goodbye and it’s time for me to go home.πŸ‡«πŸ‡· - AdiΓ³s Mexico ! πŸ‡²πŸ‡½ . . . #cdmx #visitmexico

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Here’s my 2nd take #ForTheBayFFA editing contest. πŸ“· by @andrewoptics . What do you think of this one ?? Drop a comment below and tag someone you’d go with. . . #cypresstreetunnel #californiaholics

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Here’s my take #ForTheBayFFA editing contest. πŸ“· by @andrewoptics . . Sponsors: @wandrd @pelican @slikusa @artofvisuals . . #newyorkcity

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Monte AlbΓ‘n, site of ruins of an ancient centre of Zapotec and Mixtec culture, located in what is now Oaxaca state, Mexico. The initial construction at the site has been placed at circa 8th century BCE. It contains great plazas, truncated pyramids, a court for playing the ball game tlachtli, underground passageways, and about 170 tombs, the most elaborate yet uncovered in the Americas. The site is located on high ground, probably chosen for its defensibility. . . . #visitmexico #oaxaca #vive_mexico

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