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*NEW VIDEO!!!!!****....idk about all you guys but when I get zits they take a really long time to heal...and they get super huge??? I cant@help but pick at them, I’m a compulsive face toucher :-(((( remove my head and I’ll stop touching my face!!!!! #animation #beauty #style #lol

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*NEW VIDEO!!* we’ve discovered a new kind of puppy!!!!!!! idk what else to say except watch it til the end....Bc this is what really happens every time you let your dog jump your leg. NAMASTE!!!!! #pugsofinstagram #animation #creative #mom

2 day ago
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Which way do you sleep????? I usually sleep in the nude too but I knew we were making this vid so I put clothes on...and left the lights on...poor buggy, his face IS OK, I mean, he’s a pug, it’s squished anyways lolllll #lol #meme #animation #sleep #pugsofinstagram

4 day ago
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Ball pits gross me out not gonna lie...every time I go into one I get very sick lol!!! But this special occasion, I didn’t find sickness...I 💖💖💖 #lol #animation #kids

7 day ago
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*SWIPE* CANT @HONEYB JUST LEAVE ME BE???? I don’t even understand how she is able to reach in back and coordinate those hooks together...that’s some scary magic right there 😬😬😬😬 #comic #cartoon #bra #fashion #style

8 day ago
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*SWIPE COMIC!* —-> not tryin to be dramatic or anything....but I have a very strict diet so I am extremely and passionately against beans of any sucks Bc beans are so nutritious and delicious and cool textured but they ruin my guts and my LIFE!!!!!!!! #foodporn #lol #comics #yummy

10 day ago
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Idk about all of u out there, but I am@big on CLICKING!!!! Yes, no, maybe, give me an option and I will blindly choose one! I don’t even know what a cookie is, but I’m clickin yes OR NO depending on my mood that surfing session! What does it all mean??? 😤😤😤 ps can someone help me find my dog a girlfriend? Thanks! #pugsofinstagram #funnymemes #animation

12 day ago
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I can’t believe someone broke @honeyb heart ON VALENTINES DAY?????? Who does that????? Now her ex Barry is on my “list”...anytime someone crosses me or anyone in my life, they make it onto my “list”.......I’ll get you BARRY...... I hope@honey knows that all she needs is ME for Valentine’s Day!!!!!!!! #comic #sisters #galentinesday

14 day ago
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I LOVE MY SON but I swear I have to stop sleeping with’s the worst! Every other night he pushes me off the bed! Ugh! It’s like sleeping with a giant person! He just takes up SO MUCH SPACE! #pugsofinstagram #beauty #funny #animation

15 day ago
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*SWIPE COMIC!! —> this is the most satisfying thing to do it’s basically ASMR??? I used to do this all the time as a kid in school, trying to rip it all off in one piece (lol) — I tried it the other day and I HAD to document it...@honeyb was grossed out but it felt SO GOOD!!!! Would recommend!!!!!!! #funny #comic #creative #art #childhood

17 day ago
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How old is your bra??? Mine has stood the test of’s probably 100 years old!!! I don’t wash it very often (I don’t wanna damage it) ... @honeyb goes through a LOT of bras, even when she hand washes them... I’m not ashamed!!!!!! #style #animation #fashion

18 day ago
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What do you think of this 3D print figurine of me????????? Please call me cute!!!!! Thank you @brockorama for making me into a real gull!

18 day ago

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